Tips to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger

Tips to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger
July 15, 2019 Lifestyle Granny Flats

“I wish I had a bigger bathroom.”

If you’ve ever uttered these words but logically cannot expand your small bathroom or move houses, you might be feeling a bit despondent.

Don’t lose hope yet; we have 6 tips to make your small bathroom look and feel better.

Tone-on-tone or white-on-white

Perhaps the most significant change in making a small bathroom look and feel bigger would be to stick with a single colour scheme. If your bathroom ceiling is beige and your walls are bright yellow, the beige up top will only make the ceiling more pronounced and noticeable.
Always remember; the lesser the transition between colours, the larger space will appear.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you’re looking to extend a small bathroom visually, mirrors will work wonders. A big bathroom mirror would create an illusion of space with its reflective surface. Frameless rectangular mirrors are great for maximum coverage or go modern and chic with a frameless circular mirror!

Light it up!

Adequate lighting is essential when working with small spaces. If you have the luxury of natural light, let it in! Keep your windows uncovered and let natural sunlight do the rest.
But if you do not have big windows, strip LED lights could enhance specific areas of the bathroom. You can install additional flush-mount wall or ceiling fixtures without much hassle.

Marie Condo the clutter

Yes, clutter is any small space’s enemy. If you do not need your entire collection of makeup in your tiny bathroom, store it elsewhere. Use a shower caddy to organise soaps, shampoos and other accessories.
Space saving storage is your best friend here!

Let it show

Partitions make small spaces even smaller. So, when you’re building or renovating your shower cubicle steer clear of frosted glasses. Additionally, don’t use a different pattern of tiles in your shower cubicle.
A streamlined pattern of tiles creates an illusion of a bigger space.

The tub or the shower?

Bathtubs are notorious space killers. It’s a tough decision, but getting rid of the bathtub will open up your bathroom to more space and light. You can choose to have a shower enclosure with clear glass doors as mentioned earlier.

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