The Process Made Easy

The Granny Flat Process

Made Easy

Designing and Building a granny flat can be a little daunting…

Not with Lifestyle Granny Flats – we make the whole process of building a granny flat as simple and straightforward as possible for you by managing the entire process – from the initial concept plans and working drawings to building approvals. Our approach is tailored to help you get financial approval and involves concept design, detailed specification and then a fixed price estimate.

You can relax knowing our experienced team is looking after each stage of the process for you.

Step 1: How Can We Help?

Visit our Northside Display Centre at 598 Rode Rd and one of our experienced sales consultants will discuss your ideas and requirements and offer helpful suggestions and advice.

In this meeting, we establish which design best suits your needs based on your existing home, requirements and personal style choices. We even use Google Maps to examine your site from the air! An indicative price of your granny flat is given at this meeting, with an exact price provided once the site is fully assessed and interior and exteriors finishes have been chosen. Most of our clients find one of our architect-designed granny flats meets their budget, needs and lifestyle requirements. However, if you require major changes to one of our standard designs or a fully customised design, we may arrange a design appointment.

Step 2: Initial Planning

We visit your home and conduct a comprehensive Site Assessment to help confirm what is possible and appropriate for your premises.

This is comprised of a site evaluation, survey, local authority research, utilities check (electricity, water, gas), followed by a design confirmation. If required, we arrange for our interior designer to help you choose colour selections and finishes like taps, lights, tiles and cabinetry. At this point, with this information at hand, we provide you with a fixed building quote for your granny flat.  No budget blow-outs with Lifestyle Granny Flats.

We then prepare a detailed specification outlining exactly what we are doing, what’s involved, and what is not. Within this specification, we ensure we minimise the number of prime costs and provisional sum items. A minimal number of these items are recommended by the QMBA and HIA, removing any uncertainty from the scope of work as well as greatly reducing the risk of a cost blowout during the construction stage. To help streamline the approval process, we prefer to lodge the building applications as soon as the contract has been signed and will prepare the working drawings while we are waiting for the approvals.

Step 3: Construction

Construction commences.

We will keep you fully informed throughout the entire process of building your granny flat, so you have the opportunity to give feedback and ensure you remain satisfied with the progress.  Having years of experience building granny flats, we have tried-and-tested systems in place to ensure the project runs smoothly and provides a stress-free experience for yourself. Our construction team are highly qualified and experienced professionals who aim to minimise any disruption to you and your family during the build. You will be assured of knowing what is going on every step of the way, and that our trusted team of builders follow a strict level of standard and quality. We have long-standing trusted relationships with specialist tradesmen who we use for specialist tasks, like electrician, plumber, etc. However it is our own team of builders who work on the bulk of the construction.

Step 4: Enjoy

Completed building handover. Pop the champagne and celebrate!

Lifestyle Granny Flats guides you throughout the process and you are fully informed at each stage. We are always available to answer questions and should any issues arise, we will deal with them openly and without question. We work extremely hard to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our results speak for themselves and a large part of our business is referral based. We have many years of experience designing and building granny flats for Brisbane locals. Entrust your granny flat to us and join the hundreds of happy clients who have fulfilled their dream of beautiful, functional extra space… on time and within their budgets.

Need to know where to start?

Give us a call to find out more about the processes involved. We’re happy to help you decide on the right granny flat solution for your needs, so you can get your granny flat dream underway. Call us today on (07) 3367 8222.

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