The best inclusions in our granny flat designs

The best inclusions in our granny flat designs
February 20, 2019 Lifestyle Granny Flats

Gone are the days of drab or bland granny flats. With Lifestyle Granny Flats, you are getting modern granny flat designs which have the benefits of contemporary living, all within a sustainable and manageable small home. We are passionate about giving your granny flat design high-quality and durable accessories that will stand the test of time while also making your granny flat unique and homely. Read on to find out about some of our most popular granny flat design accessories.

Practical and comfortable granny flat bathroom accessories

At Lifestyle Granny Flats, our granny flat designs come with easy-to-use and homely granny flat bathroom accessories that are perfect for everyday use. We only use the highest-quality bathroom accessories in our granny flat designs, which is why we install the much-loved Posh Solus range of basins, showers, and baths as well as the reliable Sonia Tecno collection of towel rails and robe hooks. With Lifestyle Granny Flats, you are receiving the peaceful and tranquil bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Internal doors for your privacy and security

Gone are the days of granny flat designs feeling like a renovated shed. With our range of internal granny flat doors, your granny flat will not only give you the privacy you desire but also added security and comfort. Our premium granny flat designs have a range of internal door options. From the affordable yet versatile pre-hung timber Hume door to the high-quality and durable honeycomb Strata range of doors, we have both classic and modern granny flat doors available for you. And if you have any extra requirements, such as wider doors for wheelchair access, we are able to work with you and customise your granny flat internal doors.

Higher ceilings for better living

You might not think that an extra foot will change much for your granny flat design, but higher ceilings will improve both your lifestyle and your investment. Most granny flats and houses in Australia are built with standard 8-foot ceilings but, at Lifestyle Granny Flats, we design granny flats with heightened 9-foot ceilings. Higher ceilings give you far more design flexibility, as well as making your granny flat more spacious and airy. Not only will this make your new granny flat more homely and liveable but, according to the Wall Street Journal, could dramatically improve the property value and return on investment for your granny flat.

Fully integrated and stylish granny flat kitchen accessories

We understand how important a well-designed and functional kitchen is for anyone, especially those who decide to live in one of our granny flats. That’s why your granny flat design comes with a range of high-quality and stylish granny flat kitchen accessories which will make cooking and hosting in your new granny flat a breeze. We offer two different electrical ovens as well as two options for retractable rangehood, all seamlessly integrated with an easy-to-operate electric stovetop. Combined with a practical and durable Posh Solus kitchen sink, your granny flat kitchen will surely see a lot of action.

Sliding doors and windows designed for Australian conditions

Sliding doors and windows designed for Australian conditions | The best inclusions in our granny flat design | Granny Flat Builders | Lifestyle Granny Flats

Safe and durable, at Lifestyle Granny Flats, we only use the style and experience of Bradnam’s Windows and Doors for your granny flats sliding doors and sliding windows. Clean and modern, your granny flat design includes sliding doors that include a rounded box to prevent any damage to curtains. These granny flat sliding doors are also built with high-tech Santoprene polymers that allow for improved sealing and resistance against harmful UV rays, protecting you and your belongings. Your granny flat design comes with Bradnam’s simple yet elegant Essential Range, which has been designed to withstand Australia’s harsh sun and heat conditions. These granny flat sliding windows are also easy to clean and offer superior weatherproofing, ensuring that your granny flat is comfortable throughout the year.

Want to find out more about how you can make your dream granny flat design come to life? Want to see what other granny flat inclusions are part of your design? Contact Lifestyle Granny Flats today or browse our range of stylish, premium granny flat designs.

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