Swimming Pool Safety in Summer

Swimming Pool Safety in Summer
March 7, 2017 Lifestyle Granny Flats

Summer is a bright and cheery season full of sun, sand and lots of swimming!

If you’re one of the lucky homeowners with a backyard pool, then you’ll no doubt be spending more time in the water than out. But having a pool comes with a lot of responsibility, and having correct safety measures in place is crucial for families with young kids.

You may have seen the recent viral video of an Adelaide toddler climbing a fence railing in 21 seconds, with no assistance. While this fence is not by definition a standard pool fence, the video still illustrates the dire importance of having extra precautions in place.

The Statistics
The Royal Life Saving Society recently announced that more than 330 Australian children under five have drowned in the last ten years. This alarming figure shows how important safety education is to stop these tragic incidents from occurring. We’ve outlined a few key things to consider to keep your kids safe this summer.

Constant Supervision.
The most obvious way to avoid horrific accidents like these from happening is to never let your child out from under your watchful eye. However, for busy parents, this can sometimes be a near impossible task. If you have adventurous kids (which most are at a young age), they can be out of your sight before you even have time to turn around! Making sure your pool area is the safest it can possibly be, will help relieve your stress.

Install high glass fencing around your pool area.
While the aforementioned video shows that we can’t rely solely on gates or fences to keep our children safe, installing a high glass fence around your pool area is a good option for parents wanting to be extra careful. Glass gates and fences are much harder for children to climb, and in our opinion, look much nicer too.

Ensure your child is informed about pool safety.
Informing your child of the importance of pool safety from day one is crucial. Make sure they know the pool is off boundaries unless you or another adult is out there with them, and discipline them if they break this rule. Also teach them other safety basics such as no running in the pool area, and how to grab hold of the pool’s edge if they fall in.

Book them in for some swimming lessons.
Teaching your child how to swim is another essential for parents with backyard pools. As soon as they are old enough to walk and climb, they are at risk of getting into your pool area. Booking them in for some beginner learn to swim classes (or teaching them yourself if you have time) will ensure they know what to do if they slip or fall into your pool.

Learn CPR
While teaching your child all of the above things is important, it’s also important you know how to react if an unexpected situation does occur. For example, every parent with a backyard pool should know how to perform CPR. If you are untrained in this area, simply jump online or take a class through your local YMCA or Red Cross. This is absolutely essential.

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