Space and colour - top tips on using colour to define a space

Space and colour – top tips on using colour to define a space
October 29, 2019 Lifestyle Granny Flats

When it comes to designing the interior of your granny flat, it’s vital to use different colours and colour schemes to define the space. Are you unsure of how many colours to use? Or are you confused about the ratios? Do you know the mood you want to create but not the colours to match? Perhaps you’ve heard about warm tones and cools tones and didn’t understand the difference.
We’re addressing all of these questions and more to help you create the perfect space using colour:

The 60-30-10 Rule

This is a straightforward yet very effective practice which can be used to create a colour scheme within a space, room or home. Here’s the way it works: your main colour for the room takes up 60%, your secondary colour for the room takes up 30%, and the last 10% is taken up by your accent colour.

If you would like to create a colour scheme for the living area of your granny flat, you should include the walls, a rug and sofa etc. in the 60% of space for your primary colour. This colour will create the overall theme and serve as a backdrop for your secondary and accent colours. When it comes to your secondary colour, you should be using half as much as you did for your primary colour. This second phase should include your draperies, lamps and perhaps even a feature wall.

Now the last phase is the smallest use of colour but arguably the most fun! Your accent colour can be as bold as you like and will help to dictate the feel of the whole room. Use your accent colour for items like throws, cushions, artwork and decorative additions to the room.

Think About Purpose

Often, the colour of space should be dictated by the purpose for which it exists. For example, if you’re building your granny flat as a pool house to be used mainly throughout those summer months and envision that it will be a relaxing space in which to spend some downtime, then you should be looking at a light colour scheme full of creams and perhaps some light pastels to be used as an accent. Below are explanations of how some colours can affect our mood and emotions:

  • Red: Red has been proven to raise the energy levels of those inside the room but can also cause anxiety when used too liberally as it increases blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Yellow: Yellow is said to trigger a feeling of happiness and sunshine in peoples’ brains. It is particularly useful for halls and entryways as it makes them feel more prominent and welcoming.
  • Green: Green is considered to be the most restful colour for our eyes and is suitable for most rooms in your granny flat.
  • Purple: When used to decorate a room, darker shades of purple create an impression of sophistication. However, lighter shades like lilac will create a more restful space.

Understand Temperature

When we talk about temperature we don’t mean the weather outside, we’re talking about the actual undertones of the paint and colours that you’re using.

Warm colours, like orange, red and earthy tones, will naturally make a room feel more welcoming and cosy as they summon feelings of joy and passion. This means that it might be a good idea to create a warm colour scheme in a room that will see a lot of people traffic or guests.

At the other side of the colour wheel, we have cool-toned colours. Typically based around greens, blues and light purples, cool colours are calming and excellent for creating a soothing environment. Just like warm colours can help to make a room cosier, cool tones will help to make a room feel more spacious and open.

Top tip: When it comes to warm colours and cool colours, you still need balance. For example, if you would like to create a very calming room in which to practice yoga, you might use mostly cool blues and white, but you should also create a balance by adding in a bit of yellow or pink.

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