Here’s a look at

some of our Granny Flats

  • Custom Pool House

    With a large, extended family regularly visiting, Tracey and Michael Woodbridge needed a solution to their lack of space.

  • Extended Family Care

    When the Olsons decided to move in with their daughter’s family, a solution to the lack of space needed to be found.

  • Independent Living

    We understood Lynda’s need to enjoy some privacy and be able to create her own garden.

  • A Dynamic Solution for a Growing Family

    With two growing sons, Maria and her family wanted to explore options for a bigger living space.

  • A Home Away From Home

    Pier’s parents were looking to move out from the UK and live in Australia. They decided to build a granny flat to utilise the backyard space of Pier’s home.

  • Long-term Living

    Ruth and her husband were looking for somewhere to live both now, and into the future. The granny flat was built on their son’s property to allow the family to be close-by when they needed to be.

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