Our Most Popular Granny Flat Designs

Our Most Popular Granny Flat Designs
February 18, 2019 Lifestyle Granny Flats

When it comes to Brisbane granny flats, there are a few designs that our customers are drawn to time and again. We have a feeling that it could be the modern architectural features, practical layout and high ceilings that capture buyers’ attention. Whatever the case, these four granny flat designs enjoy widespread popularity among homeowners looking to build granny flats in Brisbane. Have a look at the trademark characteristics of these secondary cottages and find out why they’re in such high demand!

The Downtowner

The Downtowner is part of our architectural collection and comes with a range of external cladding options so that homeowners can alter the look of the building to match their existing property. This 2 bedroom granny flat design is very spacious, boasting a large outdoor entertaining area. If you like a little versatility in your granny flat floor plans, you’re in luck! The Downtowner comes in two versions; one is slightly roomier than the first, with the inclusion of a breakfast bar and a laundrette separate to the bathroom. The Downtowner is a fantastic granny flat for retirees, guests (including Airbnb holiday rentals) or young adults who are yet to leave the nest.

The Premiere

The Premiere is one of our most popular granny flat designs, and its practical yet stylish features have certainly stood the test of time! It’s modern mixed material aesthetic means that it looks at home in a suburban backyard or on a rural property. This is versatile design at its best! The Premiere has a floor plan that incorporates two bedrooms, one which our customers frequently transform into a home office. This granny flat also comes in two versions; the first with a carport attached at the side and the second using this space for larger bedrooms and a more generous kitchen. The Premiere is a granny flat well suited to students who are still living at home, professionals who work from home and accommodating guest overflow.

The Pod

The Pod | Our Most Popular Granny Flat Designs | Best Granny Flat Designs | Lifestyle Granny Flats

Looking for a granny flat floor plan suitable for a small backyard or confined space? The Pod manages to fit all the essentials into a limited area, without skimping on life’s little luxuries. This granny flat design can be constructed as a studio with a separate bathroom or with two bedrooms and a central combined living, dining and kitchen area. Both versions incorporate a patio suitable for entertaining or simply enjoying breakfast in the sunshine! Many of our customers choose The Pod for a stylish home office or bachelor pad. One of its telltale draw cards is the gorgeous cathedral ceiling featured in the larger floor plan!

The Hampton

The Hampton | Our Most Popular Granny Flat Designs | Best Granny Flat Designs | Lifestyle Granny Flats

The Hampton granny flat is one of our newest designs, gaining a lot of attention from homeowners who love that traditional coastal look. It’s particularly suited to Brisbane properties as the heritage architectural elements compliment the features of a typical Queenslander house. The Hampton perfectly combines classic design with a fresh colour scheme for a bright and airy home. The spacious granny flat floor plan boasts two bedrooms with built in robes, a full kitchen with an island bench and an L-shaped verandah. The Hampton is designed with luxury living in mind and is ideal for retirees, guests and holiday rental purposes.

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