Logan Investors: The Clock is Ticking!

Logan Investors: The Clock is Ticking!
April 30, 2018 Lifestyle Granny Flats

If you’re looking to build a granny flat in Logan, you better get in quick. As of July 1, 2018, a change in legislation will mean rentable granny flats built in the Logan City Council area will incur an average infrastructure charge of $23,000, significantly increasing the cost of building an investment granny flat. The legislation which was discussed last year is now only months away!

So if you’re a Logan resident looking to build a rentable granny flat, or you’re a developer wanting to build a dwelling and investment granny flat on one lot, you’ll want to start considering your options and get your building approvals completed ASAP!

Will your build incur the fee?

The terminology for different types of dwellings is confusing and can mean the difference of infrastructure charges in Logan. Let’s break it down, so you know what type of build will incur the infrastructure fee.

Secondary dwelling

Let’s start with a secondary dwelling. It’s easy to assume a secondary dwelling could be a granny flat and you’d be right…and wrong at the same time. A secondary dwelling is a separate but self-contained dwelling which is used ‘in conjunction’ with the primary dwelling. This means the second dwelling must be occupied by people who form one family or household with the main dwelling. Most importantly, a secondary dwelling cannot be rented.

Auxiliary unit

As suggested in the name, an auxiliary unit provides ‘support’ to the owner. An auxiliary unit, in short, has similar provisions to a secondary dwelling. However, the occupants of an auxiliary unit do not have to form the same household with those in the main dwelling. Therefore, auxiliary units are rented granny flats or investment properties on the same lot as the main dwelling. An auxiliary unit is also subject to unique specifications.

Dual occupancy

Dual occupancy is the situation where there are two dwellings on one lot, however the titles may be separately held, or owned by the main dwelling owner and rented to the second household. There are no functional limitations on dual occupancy.

Take a look at some of the specifications of different dwellings here.

Logan infrastructure charges

Logan will be implementing infrastructure charges for auxiliary units from July 1, 2018. This means if you’re looking to rent your granny flat you’ll have to ensure all paperwork and approvals are completed before July 1 this year. If these have not passed through the process before that date, you will incur an average of $23,000 infrastructure charge, creating critical impacts to your building budget. The infrastructure charge will be levied at the plumbing and drainage approval stage.

So what can you do to avoid the extra charges?

If you’re thinking about building a granny flat in Logan, get in quick before it’s too late! The great news is that LGF has just released two new Investor Special Designs. You’ll now be able to get your dream granny flat for only $118,000! This spacious design promises no compromise on quality, a two-bedroom design, stunning kitchens and a brick veneer for added low maintenance. The special designs come in two different layouts, so you’ll be able to choose the perfect fit for your property.

Investor Special 1 Design:

Lifestyle Granny Flats Investor Special

Investor Special 1: Floor Plan


Lifestyle Granny Flats Investor Special

Investor Special 1: Exterior View


Investor Special 2 Design:

Lifestyle Granny Flats Investor Special

Investor Special 2: Floor Plan


Lifestyle Granny Flats Investor Special

Investor Special 2: Exterior View


Want to know more about the Lifestyle Granny Flat Investor Special Designs? Contact LGF today to speak to one of our friendly team members. And remember, the clock is ticking in the Logan area!

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