Introducing the NEW Hampton Granny Flat Design

Introducing the NEW Hampton Granny Flat Design
December 14, 2018 Lifestyle Granny Flats

Looking for a Brisbane granny flat that’s space efficient and traditional in design? The Hampton Granny Flat is the perfect addition to your property! This two-bedroom granny flat with an open plan living and dining area is ideal for guest accommodation, elderly parents or adult children seeking private quarters. In this article, we examine the best features of Lifestyle Granny Flats’ brand new granny flat design.

French doors

The Hampton Granny Flat has been designed to be space efficient, without skimping on any comforts. If you don’t have quite enough room in your backyard to add a deck onto your granny flat, you don’t have to miss out on the joys of dining al fresco. The dining room in the Hampton design will have you opening your home to those lovely spring evenings so that you can enjoy the fresh air and gentle breezes.

Spacious kitchen

Enjoy the freedom of movement in a kitchen designed to be both functional and stylish. An island bench is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, meaning that you can recruit more hands to help prepare a meal without bumping into each other!

Traditional features

The Hampton is by far our most traditionally designed granny flat. If colonial features appeal to you, or you’re a fan of the Queenslander style of home, you’ll instantly fall in love with the look of The Hampton. It may not be on stilts, but the verandah certainly has that Queenslander feel about it with decorative timber detailing and a clean white aesthetic.

Comfortable for guests

The Hampton Granny Flat boasts two bedrooms, so it’s easy for you to comfortably entertain guests. With several sitting areas to choose from, having a private moment is possible too, even for four people in a granny flat! You can enjoy breakfast on the verandah – a simple pleasure – while your guests are having a sleep-in!

Multi-generational, private family living

It isn’t uncommon to have several generations of a family living under the one roof in Brisbane. The increasing cost of property, especially for first-time homeowners, means that children are staying in the family house for longer. And ageing parents who need a little extra help will often move back in with their adult offspring. But life doesn’t have to be so crowded. Independent adults need space to breathe. Which is why building a granny flat on your property is a very smart idea.

Compliments any traditional family home

The Hampton will perfectly compliment any traditional family home, as its design will seamlessly blend with Queenslanders and other colonial properties. This is beneficial for both the look of your house and its overall value, which can increase dramatically with the addition of a granny flat! Importantly, it will also allow your elderly parents or adult children to have their own private space. It’s amazing how a little extra room and independence can ease strains on relationships and eliminate unnecessary arguments caused by cramped living quarters!

Interested in finding out more about the Hampton Granny Flat and how it may enhance your Queensland property? Contact Lifestyle Granny Flats today!

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