How to Style Your Couch With Cushions

How to Style Your Couch With Cushions
May 5, 2015 Lifestyle Granny Flats



Bringing some style into your home is essential, whether you have a modern or traditional home. The couch is often the tricky part, but the right couch cushions can make a world of difference! Find out how you can make your living room look better by styling your couch with cushions in the following ways.


Adding some of your personal taste can help bring your couch to life. Even if you have a quirky or unusual personality, do not be afraid to get some cushions that reflect that part of your character.

Analogous Blue Living Room

Analogous Blue Living Room


The analogous style can work for both modern and traditional couches. Cold analogous cushions go extremely well on a modern couch while warm cushions fit perfectly on a traditional sofa.


When you have a country-styled couch, it is better to go for a complementary style. Complementary cushions in pastel colors are quite common, but you will find some bold colors for the modern and contemporary couch as well.


Monochromatic cushions are trademarked by amazing patterns and navy colors. These cushions are less suited for traditional couches, because of their cold colors, but they do work extremely well for modern and contemporary.

Mixed Neutral

If you like simplicity and grays, then mixed neutral cushions will be the best choice for you. When using these kinds of cushions, make sure you use four pillows with various patterns, but still in gray or charcoal.

Tips: Once you have decided which style to go for, you can use our tips to make the result even better!

Symmetry and Pairs

Symmetry and Pairs


If you have a need for perfection, it is best to go for symmetry. When placing your cushions in a symmetrical fashion, you will also create a certain balance and tranquility in the living room.


If you intend to use cushions with different sizes, it is important to get bigger size cushions for unusual prints and smaller cushions for simple prints. By doing so, you make the styling a lot easier for yourself.

Pillows in Pairs

People who like symmetry and perfection should consider getting cushion pairs with the same design. However, two cushions of the same design can be quite boring, so go for two different cushion pairs instead, making four pillows total.


If a room seems to busy, it might be worth it to edit the design of your living room. Is there something on your coffee table that you can take away perhaps? Remember, too much clutter takes away the style you are trying to create!
Whether you have a free flowing personality or are a perfectionist, you simply cannot go wrong with these cushion tips. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages and suits a specific type of person. So try out all the tips we have provided you with, and find the cushion style that suits you the best. Have some fun with it and let your creativity run wild!

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