How to Give your Granny Flat a Beautiful Outdoor Space

How to Give your Granny Flat a Beautiful Outdoor Space
December 6, 2019 Lifestyle Granny Flats

For most Aussies, it’s pretty essential to have an outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. In 2019 we’re more innovative than ever when it comes to design and working with the space we have, so even the smallest of gardens can be transformed into a beautiful and productive space. Below are some of the best ways to give your granny flat an outdoor area that you love to spend time in:

Add a Balcony
If you think that granny flats are too small to have a balcony or a patio, then think again. This is the ideal way to create a beautiful outdoor area when you’re working with limited space. If you have very little ground space around your granny flat or if the ground is particularly uneven, then a balcony is actually the ideal solution. You can build a raised granny flat which will allow you to then add a balcony on to your lounge space or even the bedroom depending on your personal preference.

At Lifestyle Granny Flats, we recently worked on a project for a client where our options were pretty restricted due to the site and the original home which existed. However, we managed to create a design which ticked every one of the client’s boxes, including outdoor balcony space. The added benefit of a balcony is that you can open your whole granny flat up to create a more open and versatile space.

Incorporate Decking into your Design

Similar to a balcony, decking is a great way to make use of any space around your granny flat. This particular client was building a granny flat for his parents, who were relocating from the UK. Given that they were moving from a cold climate to a warm one, they needed to have a lovely space to enjoy the sunshine. Also, the surroundings of their existing home were beautiful, so they wanted their granny flat built in a way that would allow them to enjoy the view, making this deck the perfect solution.

Create a Space to Relax

If you don’t want to go for a deck or a balcony on your granny flat, there are other options which are just as good when it comes to creating your perfect outdoor space. Adding a table and chairs, stylish garden seating or even a hammock to your outdoor space can be the ideal way to create your own little oasis of calm. Picture yourself reading a book in the sunshine or sipping a glass of wine in the evening as you relax in your garden. It’s incredible how a few pieces of carefully selected outdoor furniture can enrich your entire lifestyle.

Introduce a Pergola

Adding a pergola to your granny flat will automatically create a sense of grandness, and it’s the perfect way to add some beautiful landscaping and design to your outdoor space without taking up too much space. Also, a pergola will frame your garden and give the added benefit of creating shade. To create a beautiful evening atmosphere, you can even drape fairy lights on your pergola if you enjoy having a cosy space to enjoy at night time.

At Lifestyle Granny Flats, we are experts in all things granny flat related. If you would like our help to build your granny flat or you want more advice on how to create the perfect outdoor space that suits your needs, call us today on (07) 3367 8222 or get in touch via our website.

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