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Building & Energy Efficiency

Lifestyle Granny Flats is committed to developing sustainable housing solutions through improved building practices and materials. We build our environmentally-sustainable granny flats with energy efficiency, cost and sustainable building as key influencing factors.

What is the energy equivalence rating and how does it affect residential extensions?

In 2010, the Building Code of Australia increased the minimum requirement for energy ratings in Queensland houses from 5 to 6 stars. There is a big difference between the 5 & 6 rating: a 6-star home uses about 75-80% of the energy used by a 5-star house and requires careful planning of:

  • The location & orientation of your home / extension
  • Size & placement of windows, plus shading
  • Insulation & building materials used for a home extension
  • Ventilation

A 6-star home requires more insulation to the roof & walls. Insulation (to ceilings, walls & sometimes even floors)  and good cross-ventilation will make a house more liveable in summer.

How we manage energy-efficient house designs:

Location & Orientation

  • Passive solar design (i.e., make use of winter sun & block out summer sun); consider the location of the granny flat & its orientation on the block; consider the orientation of new spaces (e.g., locate non-habitable rooms on the western side & the main living area on the northern).

Building Materials and Insulation

  • Light-coloured walls & roof; insulate the roof / ceiling / walls / floors; use materials that have a thermal value (e.g., rendered polystyrene cladding on walls in lieu of fibrous cement sheets, sandwich panel roofing on patios instead of exposed metal sheeting).

Windows and Shading

  • We maximise north-facing windows; minimise west-facing windows and consider the use of east & south-facing windows; use treated glazing & encourage shading (e.g., wider roof overhangs, fit screens outside windows, etc).


  • We achieve passive ventilation by considering the position and size of windows & doorways and use of use louvres, ceiling fans, etc.

Good building design is the creation of spaces that address specific lifestyle needs. With Lifestyle Granny Flats, you have the assurance that your design meets energy efficiency requirements and the reassurance of the lifestyle that brings.

Need help choosing the right solution?

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