Embrace the Micro Kitchen

Embrace the Micro Kitchen
January 18, 2016 Lifestyle Granny Flats


Do you enjoy cooking but have a seriously small kitchen? Upgrade the way you cook in a limited space, check out these ways to make a tiny kitchen work for you.

Clever Storage

If your kitchen is tiny, chances are you’re going to be struggling for storage space to keep appliances and utensils. But never fear, there are always options. Have you thought about utilising the wall and ceiling space? These make great spots for hanging a pots and pan rack, a magnetic knife holder or a utensil rack for spatulas, ladles, etc. You can even hang wire baskets and a spice rack on the walls if you don’t have room for shelving.

Installing racks on the inside of cupboard doors are a good way to organise and tidy away items and can be used for holding cans, spice jars, and any other miscellaneous food items. If you own the property then installing a roll-out pantry or roll-out shelves can be a clever way to add more storage space to a tiny kitchen.

An area that is often underutilised is the space between the top of your cupboards and the ceiling. Use baskets that fit the space to store kitchen appliances that you don’t use that often.

Maximise Your Space

Kitchen tasks such as food prep become more difficult when you have a small counter space. You could a) build more counter space, such as a fold-away table b) get a free standing kitchen island if you have the floor space or c) try to keep the existing counter space clutter-free.

Invest in good crockery that works to maximise your cupboard space, such as dinner plates that are all the same size and shape, or a nest of various sized mixing bowls. Many appliances are also made with small kitchens in mind and come in compact sizes. Swap out a large fridge for a slimline version or under-counter option.

Prep Meals Ahead of Time

When giving a dinner party, you have to be organised when cooking in a small kitchen. Prep the meal well ahead of time, such as chopping vegetables, marinating steaks and putting them back in the fridge until they’re needed. After one task is completed, clean your work station, put away the ingredients and focus on the next task.

Rinsing and reusing the same cooking utensils, knife, mixing bowl, saucepan, etc., will cut back on the amount of clutter on the counter. You can also make any dishes that don’t need to be served immediately the morning or night before, such as the dessert. Cooking in a micro kitchen might take you longer but being organised will make you feel less stressed and out of control, and more able to enjoy the evening.

We hope these tips help you to overcome your small kitchen woes and equate to some delicious meals being served out of it!

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