The best indoor plants for your home

The best indoor plants for your home
August 20, 2019 Lifestyle Granny Flats

If you’re looking to make the interior of your home fresher or greener, or even just liven up the mood a bit, houseplants are unbe-leaf-able at making a huge difference. Thankfully, Australia’s climate lends itself to a lot of low maintenance indoor plants, which will make a huge difference to your humble abode. Lifestyle Granny Flats has put together a top list of indoor plants for you to green your house and transform it for the better in the process.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ahh, yes, Fiddle Leaf Fig is usually the first addition to many people’s homes when they start #houseplanting. It’d probably rank highly as the most popular houseplant (if Instagram likes are anything to go by), but this is mostly thanks to its large luscious leaves. Much like a baby toddler that loses its cool when things don’t go its way, Fiddles are temperamental and won’t like when conditions aren’t exactly to their liking. Fiddles require good, indirect light, and moderate watering. If you’re not sure if it needs watering, stick your finger into the soil around two knuckles deep. Don’t water unless it’s dry. This rule can be applied to all houseplants!

Monstera Deliciosa

Swiss cheese, split-leaf philodendron, Mexican breadfruit, fruit salad plant or monster… the sheer amount of names this plant has should give some indication of its popularity. If you want to see just how popular this plant is, all you need to do is check out #monsteramonday on Instagram! Some plants are content with small pots and won’t need much room to grow… the Monstera is NOT one of them. Think big when you’re deciding on where to keep this tropical beauty, as it’ll vine and flourish if it’s given the space too. Hot tip (literally): monsters love post-shower steam so don’t be afraid to set them up in the bathroom if you have space!

String Of Pearls

Shelves always look plain and boring without the cascading tendrils of a String Of Pearls, but make no mistake, this plant requires serious TLC. Indirect sunlight is preferred, and well-drained soil is non-negotiable. Numerous drainage holes are an absolute must and those who have mastered growing String Of Pearls will tell you that they resist the urges to water them. If you’re only finding small, immature versions of this plant at your local nurseries or Bunnings, check out Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. Often you can pick up a cracking deal if you keep your eyes peeled.

Devil’s Ivy

Don’t be fooled, the devil doesn’t live in this ivy. It’s a wonderful and heavenly addition to any home, especially for those who don’t have the natural green thumb. With regular watering, this plant can and will thrive in every situation imaginable. It doesn’t matter if there is no light or direct sunlight, Devil’s Ivy is made of tough stuff. If your plants are growing much fuller than you’d ever planned, you can easily propagate cuttings by placing them in a clean cup of water until the sprout roots. Once they’ve sprouted, simply put them into some soil and away they go.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

If you’ve ever been out to a popular cafe spot, you’ve likely seen some Mother-In-Law’s Tongue on display. Believe it or not, this is actually a distant relative of asparagus, but don’t try and eat it. This plant is as tough as it looks. It’s durable, thick and harder to kill than Michael Myers in Halloween! This bad little plant is available at pretty much every nursery you can walk in to, but Gumtree and the like are packed with them too, and usually at much better prices. We advise you to shop around for this one as there are some great deals out there.


Slowly making its way up the ranks on the most desirable houseplant scene, the Calathea is gaining traction due to its unique and striking leaves. Again, this is one that is going to require some TLC, so if you’re lazy, it’s best to steer clear. Constant hydration is necessary, and distilled water is recommended. The Calathea can suffer from leaf burn if poor-quality tap water is used (what a baby!). It’s also important to prune off dead leaves to allow for new growth to occur. So where’s the best spot in the house? Well, remember how we said it needs TLC? You’ll need to experiment with different spots until you find the right mix of light and humidity.

Lifestyle Granny Flats is in the business of helping people create their dream homes. Indoor plants can dramatically change the space where we spend most of our time, so why not in-tree-duce yourself to some, to add to your dream home!

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