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Lifestyle Granny Flats:

The Backyard Bungalow Specialists

Lifestyle Granny Flats is all about providing the extra space required for your changing needs.

As a division of Total Lifestyle Builders, Brisbane’s leading home extension and renovation specialists, Lifestyle Granny Flats draws on over 15 years of experience in the Queensland building industry, providing you with the highest quality service and peace of mind.

We differ most from our competitors in that we focus on building a quality investment. Our luxury, contemporary designs aren’t like the old-fashioned stigma of a granny flat, but resemble a backyard bungalow that provides duplex-style living. Leading us to ask, why have one home when you can have two? Bearing no resemblence to the cheap prefabrication styles, our architecturally designed flats will make the most of your asset. We even have a lot of our clients who end up using their granny flat as their primary place of residence.

So whatever your lifestyle needs, we have a large range of flexible one and two bedroom granny flat plans to suit your family and budget.

At Lifestyle Granny Flats, we believe in helping to reduce your carbon footprint

At Lifestyle Granny Flats we take the environment seriously. All of our granny flat designs comply with 6 star energy ratings – making them environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Not only are we reducing our carbon footprint, we’re also ensuring your energy bills are minimised.

We assess your approved plans for energy efficiency, taking into account the many factors which impact the final energy efficiency rating.

With Lifestyle Granny Flats, you can ensure your granny flat complies with 6 star energy ratings, which means your new living space will be environmentally friendly and you will save on future power bills.

Our comprehensive energy efficiency assessment includes the following factors:

  • Heating/cooling
  • Climate/sunlight zones
  • Thermal comfort
  • Prevailing winds
  • Cross ventilation
  • Window orientation
  • Building and site elevation
  • Glazing

Need help choosing the right solution?

Please call us to discuss your options of fantastic, energy efficient granny flat designs. Beautiful, architect designed granny flats that meet your needs, lifestyle and budget – save on your power bills and tread lightly on the planet. Call us today on (07) 3367 8222.

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