A Home Away From Home

A home

away from home

Pier’s parents were looking to move out from the UK and live in Australia.

After looking at both land and housing options they decided to use the piece of acreage they were living on to its full potential and build a granny flat.

“The meeting with Allan and Nathan went really well and we liked that everything was presented on 3D software. Being in construction I was very much in favour of going to a one stop shop. From design to architecture and building, Lifestyle Granny Flats could do it all. I knew that this would save me a lot of time project managing.” – Piers

During the build, the laws surrounding property and granny flats changed. Because of this, we were able to incorporate a laundry in the granny flat. The design was also altered to include a large deck to enjoy the beautiful surrounding views.

““The whole process was fantastic. The two main builders were always tidy and very polite- if anyone else forgot to pick up rubbish they would go around and clean up after them. We were also very impressed with how quickly everything happened- we were sent 3D images within a couple of weeks. We know people who have had to wait up to ten months for building plans with other builders!

The granny flat looks fantastic. My parents love it. They sit out on the deck, enjoy the view and are very happy that they made the move.” – Piers




“We ended up with a very nice product. Building is always stressful but Lifestyle Granny flats made it as easy as possible. The proof to this is that we used their parent company- Total Lifestyle Builders to renovate our house and build a new garage- we wouldn’t of kept going back to them if we didn’t love the service!” – Piers

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