Custom Pool House


Pool House

With a large, extended family regularly visiting for weekends and holidays, Tracey and Michael Woodbridge needed a solution to their lack of space.

Based on the recommendation of a friend, consulting Nathan Stroud, Design Architect for Total Lifestyle Builders gave the Woodbridge family the perfect answer – one they hadn’t previously considered, and turned out to be the best thing they could have done…

Originally thinking of adding a second level to their home, discussion with Nathan introduced the idea of a self-contained Granny Flat by the pool. Working with Total Lifestyle Builders’ Lifestyle Granny Flats division, the Woodbridges decided on a modified version of their ‘Villa’ design. This option proved beneficial on many fronts.

First and foremost would be the immediate addition of self-contained accommodation for visitors. Providing the extra living and dining space gives guests that extra privacy which is often lacking when staying with family and friends.

Another major benefit of the Granny Flat was as a space for growing teenagers. A self-contained home in the backyard, it allows their children to have a more independent lifestyle while keeping them close by. Not to mention the financial savings, as Tracey notes,

“…in time, we hope our children will live there while they are studying. I won’t have to worry about them.”

With little disturbance to the family throughout the build, and the whole process from design, council approvals and construction managed seamlessly by Lifestyle Granny Flats, the Woodbridge family turned out to be extremely happy with their decision. Having the freedom to work with qualified architects to modify the design has provided Tracey and Michael with the perfect solution: just the right space for their needs and a dramatic increase to the value of their home.

“I highly recommend Lifestyle Granny Flats and have already referred them to friends. Their construction team were professional and considerate, the site was kept clean at the end of each day and the inclusions in our Villa are of the highest quality.”

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