6 space-saving hacks for your small kitchen

6 space-saving hacks for your small kitchen
July 10, 2019 Lifestyle Granny Flats

Let’s face it; not everyone owns a fancy kitchen to suit Martha Stewart. Most of us have to think big and turn our small kitchens into cooking, eating and entertaining hubs.
A kitchen is often considered the heart of a home, so, when space becomes a challenge, just BEET it. (Get it? we love food puns).

Here are some space-saving genius hacks for your small kitchen:

1. Go Magnetic

Magnetic strips are one of our favourites space saving hacks for small kitchens. A knife rack with a strong magnetic strip that’s bolted to the wall could hold anything from knives, scissors and kitchen utensils.
Magnetics strips come in different colours, textures and shapes: so there’s something for every kitchen.

2. Sink-knee-deep

A common mistake small kitchen owners tend to make is ignoring the space under the sink. It is valuable kitchen real estate that could potentially store a myriad of things from pots and pans to containers and pull-out drawers. You can even create additional storage by adding expandable organisers!

3. Be Narrow-minded

See that narrow space between the wall and the fridge? Use it. You can build or purchase pull-out storage and organise all your canned goods neatly and efficiently. Need more glitz and glamour? Add a cute backdrop to the shelves for an element of surprise!

4. Storage… my old friend

From using tops of your cabinets to adding nesting tables, creating smart storage solutions saves a lot of space. There’s prime real estate in small kitchens often wasted and overlooked. Who knows, there’s probably a square foot of space under your island countertop.

5. Beyond closed doors

Even if you have a small kitchen, chances are, you at least have a few cabinet doors. Instead of cramming your cooking utensils into a drawer, organise them behind a door! Invest in some cabinet door organisers, hooks or shelving and it will pay you back tenfold.

6. Double-duty kitchen appliances

Do you really need a rice cooker, an Instant Pot, a single toaster and a toaster oven? If you have limited kitchen space avoid cluttering your space with unnecessary appliances and tools. If you bake cake only for Christmas, store that cake mixer elsewhere and pull it out when needed. Get rid of duplicate tools and look for smart appliances like Toaster Ovens.

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