Lismore City Council

Across Northern NSW, there are two options for building secondary dwellings (in layman’s terms: granny flat) approvals: to either comply with the NSW Affordable Housing State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) or the relevant Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP).

Some recent changes in many Northern Rivers councils mean that if applications are lodged under the Council’s DCP then you may be exempt from a number of levies. However, if you don’t use the DCP and instead use the Affordable Housing SEPP then the levies will apply. Here are some examples where this might be the case:

  • If your home is on a small block of land
  • If you require an extra-large granny flat
  • If you require a Complying Development Certificate (ie. a 10-day turnaround time for development approval)

Lismore City Council Considerations

Lismore City Council has a large amount of information regarding their Development Control Plan (DCP) including specific requirements and conditions for different regions.  You can download the DCP here.


Disclaimer: It is important to recognise that each person’s requirements are unique and every site is different.  This information is a simplified summary of some council requirements for secondary dwelling developments.

State and Local Council planning requirements are detailed and complex, and must be followed carefully in order to get development approval. The first step in helping decide the use of your land is to contact Lismore City Council to find out more and get a S149 Planning Certificate; this will have information on the planning controls and development restrictions that may apply for a particular site.

The information contained herein should not be considered advice or take the place of direct consultation with the relevant authorities or qualified professionals. Get in touch with us and we can help answer some of your questions.