Gold Coast City Council

With the recent introduction of the GCCC ‘s Construction Kickstart program, the levy for family accommodation dwellings of 100m2 or less has now been removed, and the levy for family accommodation dwellings larger than 100m2 is now reduced to 40% of the Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (AICR) rate.

For extra information on changes in Gold Coast City Council regulations and levies, visit their website.

 Gold Coast City Council Considerations

  • Provided the approved use of the granny flat is for family accommodation and the Granny Flat is less than 100m2 in size then infrastructure levies should not be charged.
  • Some of the Town Planning requirements for The Gold Coast include:

The Granny Flat must be attached to the primary residence OR within 10m of the primary residence
No direct views between the existing house/adjoining houses and the Granny Flat
Architectural style suits that of the existing house
In most zones the size must not exceed 80sqm

It is important to note that The Gold Coast has different planning requirements for different regions, and this could affect the design and construction of your Granny Flat. For more information or advice contact us on 02 8860 8462 or send us an email and we can get in touch with you.

Disclaimer: We recognise that every site is different and each person’s requirements are unique. This information is a simplified summary of requirements for granny flat developments. The information contained herein should not be considered advice or take the place of direct consultation with the relevant authorities or qualified professionals